The Men of Mesquite started when Dan one year competed in a BBQ contest at the Ventura County Fair.... by receiving 1st place in Ribs, 1st place in Tri-Tip and 1st place in Chicken and 2nd place in Burgers he ended

up Winning the Sweepstakes for that year.

That's when the BBQ Bug Stuck !!!


The following year he went up to the Santa Barbara County Fair's BBQ Contest competed and won, then setting his sights to compete in the largest county fair in the nation

(LA County) with successfully winning

1st place in the Pork Division


Deciding to compete on the State Level he had to create a "Team" name and chose "Men of Mesquite". He has since proudly won First Place in Ribs with top 5 finishes in Pork, Chicken and Seafood.  Currently Dan has received his National Certification as a Kansas City Barbecue Judge and goes around judging State Championships always heading home as he says

"With a Belly full of Good BBQ"!!!



Men of Mesquite's signature rubs, marinades & sauces in use with our open-flame grill or in our sealed slow cookers bring out the unique flavors in every piece of meat we cook. Over the open-flame grill we use primarily Mesquite charcoal to help bring out the true grilled flavor only wood or charcoal can bring.  In our Southern Style Slow Cookers we use a variety of naturally aged dry wood from hickory to apple to peach or oak, we blend the woods to complement the flavors of Beef, Pork or Chicken every blend is.....

 different because every variety of meat requires different balance of wood flavor. 

Call us and Experience what a balance of true BBQ flavors can bring !

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